Mobile Cabinets by EvMico

Use for Dental, Medical, Laboratory, Juvenile Store, Home and Office and more.

Looking quality American made craftsmanship? We use only the best materials and cabinet components in our cabinets. Melamine cabinet cases (5/8″ thick), Drawer slides

Regular (Economy Line) or Full extension (Standard Line), with every cabinet we sell! Plywood Cabinet Case (3/4″thick), Drawer Full Extension Slides -Premium Line

Fully custom cabinets looking for customization of your cabinets? If so, then look no further. Our custom cabinets are available with 1/4″ size increments. Imagine the possibilities of maximizing your space and getting your custom cabinet project so dialed in that you can reduce or eliminate all the unused and wasted space.

This maximizes your storage in every cabinet without being constrained by limited size options. Our cabinets are built order and you can order them however you wish, have fun!

All pieces are created with sleek functional beauty and aesthetic appeal in mind to help develop productive operator ergonomics.

 Practical, spacious and efficient cabinets at an economical price. Our cabinets will give your practice the opportunity to present and reflect a modern, professional look by combining practicality and style; while maximizing storage space


Evmico offers the same SALE prices to every customer that submits an order regardless of trade affiliation. We do not offer any further discounts other than the sale prices listed on our website. See below for current specials:
Discounts are available on a per order basis (i.e. multiple orders cannot be combined to quality for discounts)

Orders over $3,000 receive FREE SHIPPING *continental USA only
Orders over $7,500 receive 5% off the total order cost (FREE SHIPPING included)
Orders over $12,500 receive 7.5% off the total order cost (FREE SHIPPING included)
Orders over $17,500 receive 10% off the total order cost (FREE SHIPPING included)