Warranty and Terms

  1. WARRANTIES: Evmico LTD (“Evmico” ) provides the following warranties1:
    1. New Products. Evmico warrants that all new products (“New Products”) provided by Evmico will be subject to the original manufacturers’ warranties, which Evmico agrees to make available to You (“Customer,” “You” and “Your”); and
    2. Used and Refurbished Products. Evmico warrants that all used and refurbished Products provided by Evmico will be  free of material defects in (I) parts supplied by Evmico (for 12 Months) and (II) our workmanship (for 90 Days) from and after date of shipment, and agrees that, if You (“Customer,” “You” and “Your”) provide Us with written notice of any such defect within the above referenced time period(s), We will inspect the Product(s), and if We discover the claimed defect(s) in fact exist(s), We will promptly repair or replace such Products at our sole cost and expense, using new, or at Our discretion, quality recycled parts.
    3. Warranty applies only to products purchased and used in the United States or Canada. For products purchased in, but used outside the United States or Canada, this warranty covers only services rendered within the United States or Canada and does not include shipping outside the United States or Canada.
      1. Evmico export terms and conditions are available upon request.
      2. Export taxes are not collected by Evmico LTD

The foregoing warranties are provided in lieu of any and all other warranties, express and/or implied. Except as expressly set forth herein, we make no warranty, express or implied (including without limitation, any and all warranties of suitability, merchantability, and/or fitness for any particular purpose), nor do We make any warranty against interference, infringement, that the product(s) is/are fit for your intended use, application or environment, or that any product is free from defects (latent or patent), and no such warranties shall be deemed to exist. Accordingly, You hereby waive any and all such warranties. We will not be responsible to You or to any third party for any liabilities, claims, injuries, losses, costs or damages arising from or associated with the use, any failure of, or any unknown defect in or with respect to, any of such products and/or their installation, transportation or storage (collectively, “Claims and Damages”). Your sole remedy for any failure of or with respect to any such products is repair or replacement as described above.

You will not be entitled to collect from Us, and You expressly waive (both for Yourself and for each of Your parents, affiliates, subsidiaries, insurance companies and subrogates, and Your/their respective successors, assign and customers), any and all such claims and damages, including without limitation, lost time, lost profits, costs of cover (obtaining replacement product(s) and/or performance from another source), property damage, incidental, consequential, special and/or punitive damages.